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Welcome to Metabel!

Metabel is your partner for recycling metal-containing waste. Since 1974, we have been processing valuable copper, tin, lead, nickel and zinc-containing waste materials from a wide variety of industries from all over the world to be processed effectively and efficiently and eventually melted into pure raw materials. An optimal contribution to the circular economy

This doesn’t only benefit the environment, but also your operating results!

Electronics & Cable Recycling

Your electronics scrap recycled safely with an optimal yield

Tin Recycling

Metabel is thé specialist in Tin recycling.

Spent Catalyst

Recycling of spent metal catalysts from the chemical industry.

Metal waste & residues

Your metal-containing waste is valuable to us as a raw material!Foto: Brons Slak

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Latest News

  • Metabel now also Weelabex certified

    Metabel has been involved in the recycling of electronic scrap for years. As a partner of various electronics manufacturers, we have been processing solder waste for years and have also received a wide variety of electronics waste. We are increasingly receiving requests to accept electronic scrap.

    The processing of metal-containing waste has always been meticulously recorded and is fully track & traceable up to the melting date. Being one of the first companies in the Netherlands to obtain the Weeelabex Logistics certificate is therefore a logical next step. This gives you confirmation that your electronics scrap is also in safe hands at Metabel. Want to know more? Please feel free to contact us or take a look at our prices on the website.