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Certificates and Documents

Metabel b.v. operates under the legal requirements of the Seveso legislation. Of all the waste processed at Metabel, not a single residual material remains for disposal / incineration. 100% of the supplied materials are recycled.

At our location in Deurne we have organized our processes in such a way that the environment is burdened as little as possible. We have our own water purification plant and a modern production line with dust extraction throughout production, which ensures minimal inconvenience and maximum efficiency.

Of course it doesn't end there. We continue to look for new methods to produce more environmentally friendly and efficient products. For the environment, but also for efficiency in your waste.

Below you will find all our permits and certificates for download, but also our acceptance criteria, the European Waste Code catalog of waste materials that we are allowed to receive and the pre-acceptance documents. If you have any questions about this, please contact us via the contact form or by telephone of course

Vergunningen en formulieren


Certification of Confirmity

TUV Nederland

NEN EN ISO 9001:2015

TUV Nederland

NEN EN ISO 14001:2015

Eural codes

Overzicht acceptatie Eural codes


NIWO certificaat


Omgevingsvergunning milieu

Environmental Permit Metabel English

Environmental Permit Metabel English


Vooracceptatie formulier afvalstoffen


Vooracceptatie WEEE formulier afvalstoffen
  • IMG 3865

  • IMG 3867

  • IMG 3868

  • IMG 3875

  • IMG 3877

  • IMG 3881

  • IMG 3884

  • IMG 3886

  • IMG 3887

  • IMG 3890

  • IMG 3891

  • IMG 3894

  • IMG 3902

  • IMG 3904

  • IMG 3905

  • IMG 3910

  • IMG 3913

  • IMG 3914

  • IMG 3916

  • IMG 3918

  • IMG 3923

  • IMG 3936