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About us

Metabel processes a wide variety of electronic scrap, cable and metal-containing waste from a wide variety of industries for years. Companies from all over the world now know how to find Metabel as a partner for their metal-containing residual materials. As a processing partner for waste collectors, electronics manufacturers, cable manufacturers, infrastructure contractors, recycling centers, metal (surface) treatment plants, chemical plants and foundries, Metabel offers you a reliable plant where you can count on optimal processing with the optimal yield.


Ever since Metabel was founded in 1974, a specialized team in the areas of Environment, Documentation, Commerce and Acceptance, Export / Import and Production is available at your service.

Together with you, we examine the recycling options for your metal-containing waste, within our processing options, we calculate the maximum yield for you and guide you with acceptance, transport documentation and any necessary permits such as notifications.

The location in Deurne has a permit within the Seveso legislation, which means we meet the highest legal environmental requirements. All permits and acceptance criteria can also be found on the “Downloads” page.

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